From Broward County’s Mayor to a Bright Political Future: Barbara Sharief

It doesn’t take much to conceive of a bright political future for Barbara Sharief. The former two-term Broward County Mayor (as of November 28, 2017) is enjoying widespread popularity both within the state of Florida’s Democratic Party inner circle and among her constituency in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County and South Florida.

A Rare and Refined Charisma

A charismatic, energetic and very appealing figure, Mayor Sharief has crafted a strong and likable persona as a no-nonsense and trusted leader. Having shepherded Broward Couny through the trauma of the shootings at Fort Lauderdale International Airport and Hurricane Irma with grace and dignity, Ms Sharief’s political star has been rising ever since.

Her gracious post on her Facebook account exemplifies the dignity and accomplishment present in her public and private persona.

A Fateful Childhood

A successful entrepreneur who came from a strong working class family, Mayor Sharief is noted for her unique blend of down home approachability with skilled leadership from an economic standpoint. A young girl when her father was shot and killed by a mugger, Barbara Sharief speaks openly about the strength she finds in her roots.


“That changed the course of my life,” said Sharief. “I was top of my class and always wanted to go to medical school. I wanted to be a pediatric physician.”

Grace Under Pressure

Her stewardship of Broward County included the highly successful “Broward Means Business” Initiative that spotlights local independent businesses within the Fort Lauderdale and Broward communities with proclamations and visits to the enterprises. Sharief’s expertise at intertwining these proclamations with social media mentions displaying photos of her visits tactfully and skillfully integrated her personal life with her career as Broward County’s leader.

Being an African American Woman represents many challenges within mainstream American politics. For Barbara Sharief these challenges helped hone her skills for maintaining calm and discipline in times of crisis.

Sharief’s fluency with social media has been a big factor in her popularity. By avoiding divisive partisan politics, the former Mayor was able to build a cross-party support network that advocated many economic and cultural programs in Broward.

Between her astute use of Pinterest and Facebook and her congenial approach to governing, Mayor Sharief exemplifies the bright and committed future of political leadership in the Sunshine State and perhaps beyond.